Wednesday, February 4, 2015

february 4: raspberry kisses

This quilt has been long in the making. The recipient is my wife's best friend who was the maid of honor in our wedding. I wanted to make her a quilt as both a thank you gift and a birthday present for that year. Well, it's been almost 3 years since we got married and 2 years almost exactly since that birthday, and I've finally started.

I'm using the Raspberry Kiss block tutorial from Wooden Spoon - I'm planning on making both sizes of blocks. I'm going to be making a queen size quilt, all out of blue batiks - the recipient wanted it to look like water. I would need approximately 200 of the large blocks or 400 of the small blocks to make the desired size quilt. Since I'm doing a mix, I'm still not actually sure how many I'll need. I'm planning on having there being an ombre-type effect to show the light and dark in the water. I'm hoping to do a mix of hand and machine quilting in concentric circles.

So far it's just these 3 big blocks, but it's a start!